June 23, 2024

Paris Saint-Germain forward Kylian Mbappe is to leave the club in the summer, that much has been confirmed by both club and manager Luis Enrique. While there has been no confirmation that he will join Real Madrid, it is being openly discussed, even by France’s Olympics manager Thierry Henry, who has said he wants to call Mbappe up for the tournament.

There is conflicting inform over whether Mbappe has already signed a deal with Los Blancos, with some believing he has, and others saying he has not, as per The Athletic. Agent and mother Fayza Lamari has asked for maximum discretion, although that was before Mbappe announced that he would clarify his future before the Euros this summer.

They go on to say that he has not agreed an exit package with PSG. The club expect him to honour their gentleman’s agreement to forego more of the money he was due from the club, beyond the €80m loyalty bonus he waves in August. The 25-year-old is also expected to cede some of his signing bonus with Real Madrid to PSG.

It appears to be a matter of time before the deal is announced, although Los Blancos have traditionally left these announcement for later rather than sooner. Until an agreement is reached with PSG, no doubt there will be no announcement either, but if Mbappe was accurate in his statement, then the big day is less than three months away.